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Summer Updates

Here’s a list of what has been added to in the last few months:

  • Connect with your facebook or twitter account (try it at the login screen)
  • Private channels. Add a password (by opening the advanced settings when editing or creating a channel) and share it with friends! Only you will then be able to see the contents of the channel
  • Alternative chess viewer (using pgn4web javascript – see 39th Greek Ch – Round 1 )
  • Display games stored in youtube along with video (see for example Kapnisis-Banikas)
  • Embed in your website and share (using instructions for all channels and visitors (just click on the name of each channel to see the options)
  • Icons to show what kind of content each channel contains
  • Support embedding
  • SEO improvements
  • Use bugsense to track bugs and user problems
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First milestone is here! has been live for almost a month and it has already served me well.

It has basically become my main source of chess related information. Here’s how you can do the same :

The “create channel” functionality has just been added to the site, so please, go ahead and try it. There are a lot of things to be added on that regard, so stay tuned!

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